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Staithes is a picturesque fishing village on the north east coast of Britain. 

  • Staithes's history if full of tragedy and superstitions, of folklore and stories.

  • The name Staithes comes from the word staith, a staith is a landing place for boats so without the staith, Staithes would not only be 'nameless', it would simple not exist for before the present day piers and rock armour, the staith was Staithes only protection against the storms and tides of the North Sea.

  • Staithes was at one time the largest fishing port on the north east coast of Britain.

  • Mining has had a large impact on the village alum, jet, iron ore were all mined here, currently potash is mined just a few miles away at Boulby.

  • Staithes has attracted many artists over the years. 

  • This area of coast is also know as the 'Dinosaur Coast' as many fossils can be found here.

  • Traditionally men wore a 'gansey' and women wore a Staithes bonnet. 




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